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Lack of Motorway service stations

There’s a thread going on www.askaboutmoney.com at the moment here about the NRA and their use of rope wire barriers, and more particularly the lack of service stations on Irish motorways.

Last weekend this was clearly illustrated to me on my way back from Mayo. Not noticing when we left Mayo that we’d need petrol somewhere on the way. I only noticed this coming close to Enfield on the N4.

Realising that I couldn’t get all the way home to Dublin, and knowing there was nowhere on the way, I left the motorway to get petrol – and promptly got stung for the €2.60 toll going in to Enfield.

And then, rejoining the motorway to go the rest of the way to Dublin, got stung again for the €2.60 toll on the motorway proper.

And add to that, the more expensive petrol (relatively speaking) in Enfield, it was a costly mistake to make.

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