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National Consumer Agency – Yet another useless government agency

An interesting link today via Damien Mulley to Despod’s Photo and Comment Blog where there’s some pretty damning evidence of the uselessness of the National Consumer Agency.

First of all, how many employees are there in the NCA? And they still can only come up with a pre-written bog-standard generic unhelpful PFO e-mail reply to a complaint?

In almost a carbon copy of the response I received from the similarly useless Office of Director of Corporate Enforcement the NCA say that they wish to “work with” retailers.

What I don’t get is the fact that in this complaint to the NCA, and in my complaint to the ODCE, there is documented proof that laws, regulations, whatever have been broken by the companies concerned. When I get a speeding ticket, can the Gardai hold off giving me a speeding ticket and points to “work with me” and ensure I don’t speed again?

Can anyone tell me who’s actually working with the consumers to actually have their rights enforced if the NCA and the ODCE are working with retailers and businesses and not actually bringing the law to bear?

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