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One night in a 3-star hotel in Mayo (continued)

Earlier, I wrote previously¬†about the first 3 hours in a 4-star hotel in Mayo over the weekend. I take it all back, it was a 3-star hotel. But in my defence, their own website states: “This hotel is rightly renowned locally for an attention to detail and high level of hospitality” with “friendly and professional staff”.

Should I continue? I still paid ‚ā¨129 for a room for a night so the reduction in star rating is hardly a justification for the shoddy service:

  • At one stage, there were three people working behind the bar yet none were showing any interest in taking orders from ourselves, or anyone else at the bar.
  • When one of the people behind the bar did serve another customer who asked for a whiskey, the customer was asked to bring back their empty glass from the other end of the bar and their new drink was served in their old glass.
  • So, we get to dinner just before the Ireland v Georgia game. Food was okay, service was fast and friendly, and the cheese platter was 4 slices of sliced cheese. Unbelievable! If I’m not mistaken, the picture across shows you the half slice of easi-singles which was one of the 4 slices.

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