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SayNoTo1890.com, unless you are a “body corporate”

A couple of weeks ago we launched our new website, www.saynoto1890.com. This website will provide Irish consumers with the alternative telephone numbers to call instead of using the LoCall and CallSave numbers. By using these alternative numbers, consumer can avail of their inclusive minutes as part of their telephone package bundles, thereby cutting their phone bills and saving money.Something weird has struck me in the research that I’ve been doing for this website – it appears that these organisations below may be favouring the busineses that they are actually supposed to be protecting us consumers from – at least when it comes to calling them.

National Consumer Agency – Consumer HelpLine – Lo-call 1890 432 432 – contact us page is here.
National Consumer Agency – Corporate HelpLine – Call 01 402 5500 – contact us page is here

Financial Regulator – Consumer HelpLine – Lo call 1890 77 77 77 – contact us page is here
Financial Regulator – Industry HelpLine – Call 1 4104000 – contact us page is here

Why do two of our regulators distinguish in this way between customer helplines and and those aimed at helping businesses? Based on our www.saynoto1890.com website, in many cases these so-called LoCall and CallSave numbers are actually costing consumers more money than the ordinary 01 numbers would do.


Click here for the SayNoTo1890.com Website.
Click here for the SayNoTo1890.com Website.

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