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Estate Agents – are times really tough?

Had the pleasure of dealing with an estate agent in the last couple of weeks – well, might have done had they actually shown an interest. I went to look at a nice house in Dublin 11, declared my strong interest and invited them to sell where I’m living at the moment.

The estate agent informed me that the seller was not all that rushed about moving, and would wait as long as it took to get the right offer. In fact, they went as far as to say that if they got the right offer, they’d be prepared to wait for me to sell my place in order for the deal to go through. At the time, I was told there was an offer of about €30k less than the asking price.

So, I go about the normal stuff – getting my place ready for photographing, sale and viewers, and getting loan approval to determine the size of the offer I could make.

Next thing, over the weekend, the house is gone sale agreed. Sign up in the garden, and the various websites updated.

But no phone call or communication from the estate agent. In hindsight, it’s obvious they received what probably appeared to be a final offer in the middle of last week because they refreshed the entries on daft.ie and myhome.ie to get the house back to the top of the search lists.

I can’t help thinking that this estate agent didn’t do the best they could in the interests of their client by not following up on all leads they had in the sale of this property, particularly in the current sales environment. And this is despite the promise on their website that they “are committed to getting the very best results for our clients”.

So, if you live in Dublin 11 and your house recently went sale agreed, be aware that your estate agent didn’t do everything they could to get the “best results” for you.

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