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MCD – one rule for Streisand fans, another for the rest of us

In a couple of discussions at work recently, much has been made of the differing treatment from MCD given to Barbara Streisand ticket holders who had issues with the recent concert and that given to Oxegen concert goers after the 2006 concert.

Not just the actions of MCD – the National Consumer Agency, RTE, the national press and the Consumer Association of Ireland all kicked in to help the fans of Barbara Streisand, yet nothing done about Oxegen 2006 ticket buyers.

In the Barbara Streisand case, there’s 2 official investigations, hours of radio coverage and pages of newspaper print, and finally refunds and compensation to customers who had problems.

Yet, after apparent problems after the 2006 Oxegen concert, all that’s forthcoming from MCD are threats of legal action wherever the problems are discussed. I’m no fan of Indymedia, but this link shows those unfamiliar with that particular concert what is reputed to have happened.

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