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Mixed Responses to “just and no more” MCD Compensation

I wondered here last week what MCD might come up with as a response to the report into the Barbara Streisand concert fiasco.

The responses that I’ve seen have been 50/50. Dermott Jewell of the Consumer Association of Ireland said it was a “poor deal” for consumers.

In what I think is a disgraceful “archers salute” type response to Mr. Jewell and consumers, the acting chief executive of the National Consumer Agency, Ms.Ann Fitzgerald disagreed, said it was a good deal and said “if people were unhappy they could take a case to the Small Claims Court”. This is a shocking response from the organisation that claims to be “Putting Consumers First”.

If consumers are unhappy, they should be able to go to the NCA, based on the way the portray themselves, not be fobbed off onto another agency instead.

Personally, I think this mention of the Small Claims Court is a complete red herring. Based on my reading of the situation, in this case, what MCD have offered consumers is pretty much the minimum they would have to had to pay had things gone to the SCC.

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