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New campaign: Complain More!!!

There’s a new campaign just been launched today by the safefood organisation, The Food Safety Promotion Board. They’re completely different from the The Food Safety Authority of Ireland. Now, don’t ask me why we need two organisations to work in what seems to me to be the same area.

Back to the campaign – as per the press release on the safefood online website, the campaign is:

a new public awareness campaign designed to educate consumers about their rights with regard to food hygiene standards outside the home, and empower them to speak out if they are not satisfied.

The press release goes on to say:

Our research revealed that 53% of people feel reluctant to speak out if they are unhappy with food hygiene standards.

Hopefully consumers will take note, and not just to complain about poor food hygiene. Consumers should complain about poor service and quality as well as poor hygiene.

For some tips and advice on the best way to complain in such situations, check out the Value Ireland Tips on How to Complain.

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