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Newsletters – I was just paranoid apparently

I wrote here a while ago about getting no e-mails after subscribing to a number of website, wondering if they were just harvesting e-mail addresses of if something was ever actually delivered.

I can confirm that I have received an e-mail newsletter from the National Consumer Agency last week announcing their happiness with the MCD compensation announcement. I have also received newsletter 6 from the You & Your Money website. If you’re interested in consumer stuff, they’re worth subscribing to.

Just an addition, one agency who are pretty consistent with their e-mail newsletter are the Competition Authority. They will always announce new press releases via their e-mail.

And in an interesting inbox of e-mails after being away for a few days, the National Consumer Agency also responded to my e-mail to them letting then know that their RSS feeds aren’t working – well, not the NCA, but the organisation in that seems to have their outsourced contract for the website at least.

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