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Reaction to my French customer service blog

Back at the end of September, I wrote about my parents experience of French customer service on a recent trip to Paris.

As well as the response to the blog itself, there was some interesting reaction on a couple of French blogs as well.

The first, under the heading “we are not savages” is available here. The other, linked here, where the Value Ireland blog is used as a comment is entitled “I’m ashamed of us” and has some very strong words about the authors perception of French customer service, and is very similar in tone to my own perceptions of much of the customer service we have to put up with here in Ireland.

1 comments On Reaction to my French customer service blog

  • Thank you for your post. I believe we both have the same concerns about customer service. The experience you told us about gave me the occasion to illustrate that with a little “customer sense”, life can be much better !
    Ireland and France all together !

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