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Crack blog. Fianna Fail – they’re laffin at us

What an excellent blog post here on thatsireland – Fianna Fail – Fifty Ways to Laugh at Voters.

Then again, the Green Party are laughing at me still – I was one of the people they suckered into voting for them after their promise not to go into government with Fianna Fail before the last election.

And don’t give me semantics Deputy Sargent – not leading someone off the edge of the Cliffs of Moher is the same as leading someone to the edge of the Cliffs of Moher and pushing them off.

1 comments On Crack blog. Fianna Fail – they’re laffin at us

  • I also voted Green and although I am disappointed I am not agin the idea at all costs. While I understand the misleading aspect of the Green attitude before the election I also understand the decision in principle to ‘give it a lash’ and (until they agreed to take the wage rise) I hoped that they would at least try to put some manners on FF, unlike the PDs. I think that the problem is Gormley, he is a pol, pure and simple, and an opportunist, so he bends with every wind. OTOH Ryan has acquitted himself well, even on the BB stuff, as he realises that there is a lot of offer out there, maybe not the same everywhere, but there is a risk of a shake-out and consequently loss of service if he stepas in just now. Damien Mulley has been criticisng him, unfairly in my view, for not ‘sorting out’ BB service at the same price for everybody. This is a non-starter and has been since FF/PD sold the family silver, tarnished and all when they gave away all control on eircom.

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