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Customer retention, again

A while ago, I commented about why I found it so hard to understand why Irish businesses seem to be not too bothered about trying to keep customers.

I’m in the middle of such an experience myself again – with another telco coincidentally. I’ve been with Vodafone for the past year. I’ve just become eligible for an upgrade, and decided to check out the Nokia N95.

The Vodafone upgrade price is €439. And on the O2 website, I can move my account to a similar tariff and get the same phone for €269. So, for the same outlay every month (and a few extra free texts with O2 than I’d get with Vodafone) I can save myself €170.

I’ve had no complaints with Vodafone over the past year or so, but there’s been nothing in that year to build any brand loyalty. So, for the better offer, I’m off to O2. Lets see what they’re like for a year anyway, and I’ll follow the deal next time around as well.

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