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Getting Quotes from Handymen

There’s a great thread ongoing at the moment on the askaboutmoney.com website – you can access the thread here. To summarise the gist of the thread:

A few months ago, I got a few carpenters to give me quotes as to how much it would cost to make and install a staircase…. I was given a quote for €2800 to build and install the stairs….. All the work was completed to my satisfaction….. The carpenter has now come looking for payment, and wants €3940.

This kind of situation could just as easily happen when comes to hiring a plumber, and electrician or builders etc. And it could very easily happen to most consumers – particular if they’re facing an emergency such as burst pipes, or broken boiler, of electricity failure.

In the past, we have put together the Value Ireland Tips for Hiring a Tradesperson which you should check out. But this advice is also very succinctly summarised by a user on askaboutmoney.com:

Always document what has been agreed i.e what is the job to be done.
Always get quotations in writing, including exactly what work is to be done.
Always ensure that you are told, again in writing, the cost of any variations to the original contract.
Never be embarrassed or afraid to ask the “silly” question e.g. “What difference will that make to the price?”

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