Lazy journalism, or misrepresenting the Irish property market

It is always a source of fascination to me how lazy people in journalism can sometimes be. A good example is the following image used by the Irish Examiner on their website this morning when writing about the slowdown in Irish house building.

Why are they using an image of street in the United Kingdom then – more particularly London? See the maroon sign on the right – KFH estate agents – “A major force in the London property market”.

Can they not find a similar vista anywhere in Dublin, or Cork, or anywhere in the country? And if not, why are they trying to portray a street full of houses for sale in their newspaper when if they can’t find such a street in Ireland, it’s obviously not representative of the housing situation in Ireland. Or are they just lazy sods?

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2 Responses to Lazy journalism, or misrepresenting the Irish property market

  1. Paul Kelly November 19, 2007 at 11:42 #

    Received this reply from the editor of the Irish Examiner website:

    “Thanks for the heads-up on that. Not sure how it slipped through, but we’ll ensure it’s not used again. We do in fact have stock pix from the Irish market, one of which should of course have been used on this occasion.”

    Posted by Paul Kelly, consumer affairs correspondent of the Irish Examiner

  2. Des November 22, 2007 at 13:24 #

    Yeah right. I’ve often emailed them regarding erros where they forget to localise news eg forgetting but they seem to not care.

    They regulary regurgitate UK releases etc. More often they print press releases as if it’s breaking exclusive news.

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