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Responding to Customer Complaints and Suggestions

The Serial Complainer has commended the Fingal Council for their prompt response (presumably) to an e-mail suggestion he sent them.

A headline I saw recently on Breakingnews.ie reminded me of a similar e-mail suggestion I made about 2 years ago to Dun Laoghaire Rathdown council, the NRA and the Department of Transport about the queues on the Leopardstown exit of the M50.

Because of the set up of the roundabout, anyone coming down the hill and crossing the M50 from Stepaside direction had priority at this roundabout over all of the traffic coming off the M50. This caused enormous queues down the long slip road, and sometimes back up the M50 – on both the inside lane and the hard shoulder – causing a serious traffic hazard. You’d pass Dundrum exit, be shown the 120kmph sign and almost immediately around the corner, you’d face stationary traffic.

A simple solution was to put lights on the entrance to the roundabout from the Stepaside direction to regulate flow from that direction, and to give priority to the M50 traffic. Instead, as a consequence, many drivers noted that it was much quicker to pass the Leopardstown exit, go to the Carrickmines exit, and travel back via Ballyogan and down to the roundabout from Stepaside direction to get the priority – causing the traffic to back up even further back onto the Motorway.

My e-mail, once it was responded to was bounced from pillar to post. The NRA said it was the responsibility of Dun Laoghaire Rathdown. The Department of Transport, though, said it was the responsibility of the NRA. And Dun Laoghaire Rathdown said they couldn’t do anything until a traffic survey was done. In fairness, you only had to stand on the bridge any morning about 9am to see the problems.

But now, two years later, something apparently has been done about the problem. And instead of making things better, it seems like things are going to be worse, given the warning in the link above.

I refer again to how we (the regular people of Ireland) would be treated in our own jobs if it took us two years to follow up on an issue or complaint from a customer and then ballsed up the resolution of such issue – we wouldn’t be in our jobs long. Yet between Dun Laoghaire Rathdown council, the NRA and the Department of Transport, they can’t put in a simple fix to an easily identified problem for 2 years, and then they still get it wrong. How can such incompetence deserve their respective 12-16% pay rises?

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