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Spreading the consumer love – some recent press releases

I thought I might pass on some of the press release information that comes to my attention as part of my consumer research and news reviews. In the past couple of weeks, the following two pieces of news were released by the Financial Regulator and the National Consumer Agency.

  • Save hundreds on your home and life insurance premiums – The Financial Regulator has updated their Cost Surveys for buying home insurance and life insurance. Check out the news here and follow the links to their surveys.
  • Online ‘shopping assistant’ helps EU consumers – The National Consumer Agency provides news of the new Howard – The Shopping Assistant. This is an EU initiative which is designed to help online shoppers determine whether or not they can trust shops they might want to purchase from.

The Howard tool seems interesting – I must check it out. I do remember the Which? organisation in the UK providing a similar type tool in the past. More to follow on this once I get a chance to check Howard out.

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