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This drives me mad on so many levels

This article here from the Irish Independent last week drives me nuts on so many levels.

  1. We all know that that particular petrol station is the most expensive in the country – yet how many times are journalists using it in their stories to illustrate the rise in petrol prices. Can they not travel a bit further afield and get a new angle on this story – “shooting fish in a barrel” type of journalism.
  2. The Consumer Association of Ireland always always respond to this type of query from journalists – the cheap soundbyte. As a member of the Consumer Association of Ireland Council and Executive, I have asked that the association be more pro-active rather than being merely reactive for lazy journalists who can’t be bothered actually trying to come up with something new.
  3. How stupid is the person who paid €95 to fill their car? Nucking Futter!!! Have they any sense or cop on whatsoever? Put €15 of petrol in the car and drive on to somewhere they can get cheaper petrol, and then fill their car.

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