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Why do some sites have a “Contact Us” section?

In the past week or so, I’ve had reason to use the “Contact Us” section on a couple of website. One was because of a query on a product offered, while the second was a less than complimentary piece of feedback on the service provided.

In both instances, there have been no responses – not even an acknowledgment of my mails. Unbelievable in this day and age really.

In the first instance, my mail is basically the same as me jumping up and down in a shop going “take my money – I want to buy something – have my money, here – go on, take it”. In the second instance, it was some positive feedback on why I didn’t give a company my money (a substantial amount as it may have turned out), and how they might have done if only they’d been a little more polite and helpful.

Why ask customers, or potential customers, to contact you if you’re not going to bother responding at all?

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  • Oh, don’t START me on this topic…

    Too late.

    I spent hours on the internet one day with the sole purpose of contacting Irish businesses with health-related products, letting them know our Carers’ Group was having an AGM/Event with goody bags, and would they care to send us anything from information leaflets to product samples or business cards or vouchers…anything.

    No response, except for Beiersdorf Ireland who made a very kind donation of samples, and another company who promised samples and didn’t send them… d’oh!

    But dozens of companies had the opportunity to give us leaflets, brochures, hello? Free direct marketing to over 100 people with an interest in their product due to illness or disability…and they simply ignored it. And (I felt this was worse) didn’t have the courtesy to reply with a brief e-mail saying, “Thanks for the offer, good luck with your event.” I was offering a link from our website just for the asking, but no, no reply there either.

    Customer service in this country; I don’t know. It’s depressing.

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