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Online Survey – the best Irish sites to use, and the worst

One of my Google Alerts on the National Consumer Agency today brought me an article from Saturdays Irish Examiner regarding a survey carried out by AMAS Consulting about popular internet shopping sites.

The full survey can be accessed here. The survey is aimed at finding Ireland leading eCommerce sites.

AMAS find that Meteor have the best site, giving it 10 out of 10. They find Ryanair bottom of the heap, only just above Peats, both of which scored only 5 out of 10.

I’m familiar with the Ryanair site, and mostly find it okay to use, but it is obvious that the less observant user will get caught out by the requirement to opt out of some charges – a point highlighted by the survey. I’m not familiar with the Meteor site, but I dare anyone try to find in less than 30 seconds a simple and clear comparison between their various different call costs on different price plans – something I think is missing, or very well hidden, on all 4 mobile service provider websites.

The research is also referenced here in Fridays Irish Times (sub necessary). Interestingly, the Aer Lingus site scores pretty highly (8 out of 10) despite implementing the same functionality which the Ryanair site provides but which causes it to be marked down.

I also found it very interesting to see the companies that AMAS consulting company work for. According to that link, they work for Eircom, the owner of the company with the best website Meteor, as well as working for for the primary competitor of Ryanair, Aer Lingus.

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  • Didn’t the myhome.ie website recently win a “best property website” award sponsored by the Irish Times?

    Doesn’t the Irish Times own the myhome.ie website?

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