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Response to a customer service complaint – would you be happy with this?

I know someone who has complained to a 5* hotel about the service received when they were trying to check in early a couple of weeks ago. Early mind you, was 12.30 in the afternoon, after checking out time in the same hotel. But still, they were told that there was not a single room in the 500 room hotel available for another 3 hours.

In defense of the hotel, they did actually respond to the complaint:

With regards to your experience at check-in I would like to personally apologise that you did not receive our usual five star standard of service and please be assured that I shall personally be looking into this.

Once again please accept my sincere apologies and I hope you will return and allow us the opportunity to show you our usual high level of service, please contact me directly if you have any questions and I look forward to welcoming you back to *** ******** Grand Hotel & Spa in the future.

Assuming you’ve gotten past the exhilaration of having a business actually respond to a complaint in the first place – Dunbrody Country House Hotel take note – would you be happy with this response to a complaint?

2 comments On Response to a customer service complaint – would you be happy with this?

  • Absolutely not – but typical Europe. Any time I have complained about service or standards in hotels whilst in the US, there has been immediate response usually in the form of a voucher to return for a night or two at their expense with dinner and breakfast. Not so in Europe. Had an appalling experience in London recently with a large, but British hotel group and never got a response to our complaint.

  • Deborah’s said it for me!

    I’d be happy with the apology IF it included a voucher, even for so much as a dinner for two, or a spa treatment: something.

    They’ll often give you such a thing, but only if you ask specifically for it, and when you’ve gotten hold of a manager. And, preferably, if you’ve convinced him you’re a reporter for a national newspaper or suchlike.

    Unfortunately we’re becoming famous for bad customer service in other parts of the world. That’s sad. And I’ll say that it’s partly the fault of the Irish *public*, who often never stand up for themselves or complain loudly enough when service is poor.

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