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Topical new site for those going to shop in New York

I get a regular update from a site called Press Release Ireland, most particularly with regards to whatever they decide to be “consumer” related issues.

Earlier this week, there was a press release announcing “Shop USA – a guide for Irish shoppers in New York”. According to the website:

ShopUSA.ie links to the web sites of many popular American stores so you can window shop before you leave your sitting room! These sites may not show everything that is in store but it will give you a good idea on what to look for when you arrive in the USA.

I’ve had a look through the site myself and while it does have a fair bit of information, and lots of links, it just comes across as a bit flat. A major thing that I think is missing is a map of New York City – since it seems to be focused on that region.

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  • Why does everyone go to New York? It’s still much more expensive than going elsewhere. Take Wisconsin for instance – no sales tax, or anywhere in the mid-west for that matter – where you will save big time off of NY prices. Even Boston or Chicago will be cheaper than NY. Chicago is so overlooked which is such a shame. It’s like New York in terms of size and amenities only the locals are extremely friendly and welcoming and it’s safer and cleaner. Sure your flight might be a few bucks more, but you’ll make up for that by dealing with a less frantic airport, immigration in Dublin/Shannon, versus the much more stringent crew stateside and overall shopping sales! Michigan City is one of the worlds largest outlet malls and is less than an hour from Chicago. Absolutely killer saving and shopping!

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