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Where are you planning on eating out? Check here first maybe?

The original aim of the Value Ireland Forum was to allow Irish consumers to make recommendations regarding businesses which either should be visited, or that should be avoided.
The key criteria were originally intended to consider value for money, quality and service. Given that value for money isn’t really a consideration these days for Irish consumers and since we as a group of consumers will on the whole accept any manner of shoddy service, maybe this link might become more of a criteria that Irish consumers might be more concerned with.

By accessing the Food Safety Authority of Irelands Enforcement Orders Database by clicking here and hitting the “Search Now” button at the bottom of the page to see shops and restaurants that within the last 3 months had been ordered to be closed (or requested to show improvement) because Food Standards inspectors found there could be an immediate danger to public health.

According to this recent Irish Times Breaking News article, these some of these restaurants were closed because of “cockroach infestation”. Whatever about value for money, quality and service, I suppose that’s a good enough reason to take your business elsewhere.

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