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“A Call for Common Sense”

I’ve had a clipping of a letter from the Metro newspaper with the above subject matter knocking about since it was published on December 14th. The text of the letter was as follows:

I have a question about Spar shops. On some of them there is a label at the entrance saying ‘The price you see is the price you pay’. And then, there’s no prices on the shelves. So why do the bouncers stop people trying to leave the shop with their free shopping?

Another one goes to Carphone Warehouse. I was looking for an mp3 phone for my wife. So I went to CW and asked the man there what size of memory card does such-and-such phone come with. He looked at me as if to say, ‘Why the hell would I know?’. I asked him if he could open the box and check but he said he couldn’t. I left.

To CW: Could you allow your employees to open the boxes from time to time please?

To all Irish: Why don’t you demand a quality of service for your money? Why?

Gniewor, by e-mail.

Does anyone have the answer as to why many of us are willing to accept shoddy customer service?

3 comments On “A Call for Common Sense”

  • As a matter of principle, I never buy any goods that do not carry a price tag. But I must say I rarely go out of my way to let the shop manager know.

    Certain types of businesses such as petrol stations and motor factors are major offenders in this regard.

  • Personally, if I have a bad experience somewhere, I’ll just avoid the place from then on.

    I’ll rarely say anything to managers etc since I reckon they’ll hardly do anything anyway.

    If a shop manager is slack enough to have poorly trained staff who don’t do their jobs properly (pricing goods for example)working in a dirty or untidy shop, then they’re unlikely to take too kindly to any feedback or criticism.

  • I’ll always give feedback if I get bad service and will give management one chance to fix things.

    If they do, it’s a good sign about the place and the management.

    If they don’t, it says a whole lot more about the place, and I won’t go back.

    AND, I’ll suggest others not to go there either.

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