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Description of Taxes and Charges from American Holidays

I was looking into booking a trip to the US with the American Holidays company. I went through all the details, found my trip, checked my dates, and went to check for the total cost.

The page showing the costs of the flights, hotels and car hires had the following subsection on it.

Tax of €380.14. I wonder what the actual details behind that were. So I clicked on the link to see what I was paying for. Here’s what I was not so helpfully told:

The tax details are “Other”. Now what the hell is that? I’ve mailed American Holidays to find out. It’s hardly clear and transparent – I personally wouldn’t use this company because of this.

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  • This company in general is a rip off. You are so much better off booking through American companies. Priceline is really a lifeline. You have to toy with it a bit to get your Irish credit card to go through, but if you use as much of your Irish address as you can put in and a real US state, city and zipcode you can get amazing deals on cars and hotels. This goes for Europe too! I use it for hotels in London and get 4 star for $100US!!! You name your own price and hotels can bid. Fantastic! Budget is also the best for car rental time and time again, especially if you go through them directly. The earlier you book, the more you save. We had a Dodge Grand Caravan for 2 weeks last summer and it ran us a mere $400! Requoted shortly before we left for the US and it was more than double!

    If you want to go the house rental route it’s also cheaper to do that directly.

    We looked at a Florida home rental vacation this way and through American holidays and by using several resources, we were able to find exactly what we wanted for about €2000 less than AH was quoting. Crazy! I know some people like a one stop shop, but if it’s going to cost that much, that’s just crazy!

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