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Irish Journalism – Follow the Money?

The theme for a couple of conversations with friends over beers over the Christmas was “follow the money”. See who benefits from the actions we see in day-to-day life, and see why something is done.

In the spirit of such conversations, this article from Dublin Opinions was sent on to me in the last few days.

Essentially, the gist of the article is that newspapers are talking up the property market at the moment as it may be in their financial interests to do so (either through advertising, or through the operation of owned websites) rather than actually reporting actual news.

3 comments On Irish Journalism – Follow the Money?

  • Nice to see we’re barking up the same money tree.

  • I remember the day after Prime Time aired it’s program about the criminal activities of auctioneers and their ilk. The topic made front page news in one of the tabloids (I think it was the Sun), while the Irish Times buried a short single column report in the lower corner of page 6.

    No surprise here: The Irish Times has a fat property supplement while the Sun hasn’t.

  • Hendsmaster On Indonesia

    Oh ye…??.
    But Journalist need money.
    We’re from pekanbaru Indonesia can see that facts..

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