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National Irish Bank – Credit where credit is due

I mentioned previously on the blog that as well as complaining any time we as consumers receive poor service or poor quality goods, we should always make sure to praise excellent service and goods.

Therefore, I’d like to both slag off and praise National Irish Bank customer service at College Green (and just slag off the NIB telephone customer service).

On 4 occasions, twice by phone and twice calling into the branch, I tried to get a regular savings account set up and to have it associated with my current account in my internet banking set up.

On each occasion, including once by my “specialist advisor” I was told that I couldn’t do this either over the phone or in the branch. Their process meant that I would have to be sent out some paper forms to fill in from their operations centre, in Belfast I think. This documentation never ever arrived.

This afternoon I went into my branch again and asked the same question. “Certainly Sir” was the immediate response. Within 20 minutes, it was all done and I had a new savings account.

I expressed my gratitude to the very nice lady who’d helped me out. I also explained why I was so grateful given the previous fobbing offs I’d received. Poor lady didn’t know what to say, but managed a surprised sounding “thank you” as I left the branch.

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