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Share your knowledge of free WiFi Hotspots (official and unofficial)

Via Damien and Conor) here’s an excellent piece of work from eirepreneur. It’s a collaborative listing on a Google Map of Ireland of free WiFi hotspots.

After becoming a new user of the Nokia N95 late last year, and more particularly the mobile client version of the Slingbox, free WiFi hotspots have now become like the holy grail for me. I had been using this site to base my research on previously.

There used to be one close enough to my office (thanks to some lax security within some government or European institution), but that one’s gone now.

All you need now is your Gmail account log-in to add any sites you’re aware of – I’ll be adding McGowans in Phibsboro myself if it’s not there already.

If the Eurocrats are going to stop us getting city wide free WiFi, the least we might do is patronise business that provide this value added service – maybe more of them might start to provide it also, or at least stop charging ridiculous amounts for accessing their service.

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