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Shelbourne Hotel – ridiculous cost of WiFi access

Following up on the post below, I was at work on the Monday after this article had been published in the Sunday Business Post.

That Monday, some work contacts arrived from Canada for a two week trip staying in one of the O’Callaghan Hotels. The original charge was €15 per 24hrs, which they’d queried and it was knocked down to €10. Whoopdee doo! (Though, for one of them got a voucher that never ran out, so they actually got 2 weeks internet usage for €10).

This was all mentioned in the context of the charges in the Shelbourne, where they’d stayed previously, and which was mentioned in the SBP article. What had originally struck me in the article was the €20 per day charge in the Shelbourne Hotel for their “hotel wide WiFI access”, and this was backed up by my Canadian friends’ experience when they’d stayed in the Shelbourne back in November.

€20 per day to me is a ridiculous cost – that’s how much it costs me to get internet per month at home. This article from TripAdvisor seems to suggest that the costs can be even higher if you’re a business user. For a hotel that charges between €250 and €550 per night for it’s rooms, you’d expect your wireless internet for free. Damn it, I stayed in a perfectly acceptable hotel in Shanghai for €20 per night and got free wireless internet.

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