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Axa Insurance are dropping their car insurance premiums

According to my friend Charlie Weston in the Irish Independent, AXA are cutting the cost of their car insurance. While the headline looks good, the detail shows that you’ll only benefit if you’re under the age of 29. No matter, still a good thing I suppose.Before I’d noticed that however, I’d gone to their website to check to see if I could have gotten a better rate since my car insurance is up for renewal in a couple of weeks. I was quite surprised to see that they don’t provide an online quote via their website. Checking back on my original car insurance research they don’t seem to have done so back then either.

You’d have thought that in 3 years, AXA would have found a way to provide an online quote service, like most of their Irish competitors. And like AXA in the UK. Instead they direct you to telephone them (on an 1890 number as it turns out) with the following message:

Thank you for considering us for your insurance needs – we are very keen to have you as a customer.

We continue to increase the numbers of people we insure in Ireland on a daily basis and we have found that we can best meet your needs by speaking with you directly and tailoring the cover and price that best suits you.

You can contact the nearest branch to you, using our handy branch locator guide or you can phone us on:

1890 28-28-24 on Mon-Fri 08.00 to 18.00

Please contact us and we will do our best.

Not that I’m say that there’s anything wrong with any of this, I just found it interesting that they’re shying away from providing an online service.

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  • I think it’s pretty crazy in this day and age that a quote can’t be acquired online from such a large insurance company, especially in such a competitive market. According to the Star today, Ryanair have entered the market with FBD. The prices look great for younger drivers (like myself) and I’d imagine they will directly challenge AXA’s price cuts you mentioned.

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