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Consumer Association of Ireland is looking for new members

The Consumer Association of Ireland has this week started a new recruitment campaign to attract new members. You may have heard the radio advertising, or seen the banner adverts on Ireland.com.

3 comments On Consumer Association of Ireland is looking for new members

  • The CAI website joining page https://server1a-sweb.tibus.net/consumerassociation/trial.php seems to be all about subscribing to their magazine, rather than membership of the association. No mention of member rights, or entitlement to vote, or member services, other than the magazine. They could do with being clearer about what members get.

  • €22.75 a quarter for the Consumer Choice magazine??

    That’s €7.59 a month for a poxy magazine. First Eddie Hobbs and now the CAI. It seems the great advocates of value for the consumer have gone over to the dark side.

    I know what this consumer’s choice will be.

  • As an ex-employee of said same organisation, I can verify that it is indeed an enormous joke. The Association does nothing but produce a badly written rag once a month where the journalists are stifled and not allowed to write what they want, the Editorial process is hideous and the conditions are dire. It is all about one man’s putrid ego and not much else.

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