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From the Red Tape Chronicles: search engine spam

I’ve been noticing an increase in spam coming through to my inbox recently – not sure if spammers are becoming cleverer at deceiving my Norton software.

It’s easy recognise the e-mail addresses of spammers, but one thing I noticed in the last couple of weeks was identified by The Red Tape Chronicles in a post today.

It’s worth reading the full blog to get the details of what’s happening, but I think that this quote might explain it:

The attack combines two tactics. First, spammers game Google so the Web site they want recipients to visit ranks at the top of the search engine results. Second, they alter the URL pasted in e-mails so users who click on the link go directly to the top result via Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature – bypassing a stop at Google’s Web site.

Something to watch out for!

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