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Goverment Waste: Some new reporting and analysis planned

Similar to the “overcharging Ireland ” feature on the Value Ireland home page, which has been running now for nearly 4 years, Value Ireland has been thinking about putting together a running total of known/declared/identified/confirmed money which has been (or is being) wasted by our government.

Like the overcharging and theft of money by major Irish companies from their customers, we all know it’s going on, but no one really seems to be doing anything about it. The mainstream media will report the activities on a one-off basis, show horror and get all upset for a couple of days, and then move on.

It’s only on Value Ireland that you can get an up to date listing of all the companies who’ve thieved money from their customers. Value Ireland would like to do something similar for how the government is wasting our own money.

We have been doing a bit of research over the past couple of months to bring together these incidents of money being wasted. The best we can do for a start is to start reporting everything new as they come to our attention, and then will continue to update these numbers with historical incidences also.

We are going to try to be fairly stringent and consistent with regards to what we use to identify governmental money wasting. One of the key determinants will be the governments own watchdog – the Comptroller and Auditor General. Depending on information provided, we’ll use other sources also – always though; these will be made obvious as to where the information has come from.

As time goes on, we’ll try to provide a coherent analysis of all government waste and will do our very best to be as objective as possible.

And here, we’re asking for your help. Before we publish the beginnings of our research, we’d like to get your input into things that you consider to have been a government initiated waste of our money. Please either post a comment below, or e-mail us here. If you can, please give links to any articles, research or anything that gives more details.

If you have a blog, please pass this on to your readers also.

2 comments On Goverment Waste: Some new reporting and analysis planned

  • I presume you’re going to cover PPARS? And the e-voting machines? “Bertie Bowl” (Abbotstown)? Or the Punchestown Equestrian Centre? Over 70’s medical cards? Medialab Europe?

  • Rory

    I agree with your list but not over 70 medical cards. When you have worked all your life and paid your taxes dont you deserve to get something back, and not have the worry of paying GP fees at a time when you’re likely to need the doctor more. Regardless of your age you are liable for tax on your income so over 70s who have large incomes are liable for the appropriate amount of tax so they pay for their cards.

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