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NCA – can’t be arsed doing their jobs?

Back in July last year, we had some fun with the National Consumer Agency over their grocery price survey which excluded Aldi and Lidl. I was reminded this today by an article by Ian Kehoe in the Sunday Business Post, Focus on €14bn grocery trade.

A quote from the article goes as follows:

The National Consumer Agency (NCA) recently published a pilot study which found little difference in prices between the main supermarket chains. The agency described the similarity in prices as ‘‘worrying’’.

The NCA is currently carrying out a more comprehensive study on the issue, and is also investigating why customers pay more in supermarkets in the Republic than in the North or England. An NCA spokesman said the report would be published in the coming months.

Recently mind you is over 6 months ago. As far as I can tell from here, inflation in food prices is approaching 4% since then.

And when they originally did their survey, the comment at the time was as follows:

The survey is the first tranche of research into grocery prices carried out by the NCA and a further survey will take place towards the end of the year which will include non-branded goods available in multiple and symbol group retailers.

So, the NCA are using 6 month old research calling it “recent” and when they said they were going to do an updated survey, they still haven’t done it – over 2 months late as we stand now. In fairness, how hard can it be to go out and buy a few things in the supermarket?

What do these people do again? Look after the interests of Irish consumers? Exactly how?

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