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Our Crazy World – I Have To Disagree

My Google Alerts e-mail (most useful) sent me through a link related to “rip off Ireland” this morning.

It was a blog entitled “Rip Off Ireland” on the Our Crazy World blog. Marina made the following comments about her unsuccessful attempts to get a residents parking permit:

AND they would not give them to me!! Mark’s bank statement was not dated within the last 3 months, although his address was on the insurance certificate the bye-laws say they cannot accept it. My proof of owning the famous car and the house was not sufficent either. SO I lost the plot, never do that very often but I did. Started abusing the poor cow behind the counter. She called the manager, I abused him too and finally marched out with no permits! So now we are on permit strike, and we are parking in the side streets and not paying one more penny. Screw them!!

Firstly, if I could venture, this situation has nothing to do with “rip off Ireland” at all.

However, more to the point, can I suggest to whichever council, presumably Dublin City, that has to provide this parking permit to delay it and hold off as much as possible, and to place a permanent clamper vehicle outside her house and clamp at every possible opportunity?

By the comments in the post, I’m guessing that she did read the application form, or at least the back of it, because she was able to correctly work out the requirements for documentation to bring along.

Pity she missed this bit, in section 1 in the conditions section, right at the very start:

You must submit current (i.e. dated within the last 3 months)….. but only dated in the last 3 months.

It even says it twice.

So, as well as screwing up the application process, Marina then gets the hump with someone who’s not even at fault and abuses them. Unbelievable! We hear loads about poor customer service, but how about some decent customer behaviour towards customer service staff for a change?

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  • The last person I heard complaining about these parking permits was very upset that they couldn’t continue their practice of insuring their car ‘at home’ (i.e. at Mammy-and-Daddy’s home miles away from Dublin) while getting a parking permit for their residence in Dublin. The fact that they were committing insurance fraud had never entered their little brain.

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