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Shopping around for car insurance – worth it, or not?

It’s the time of year where I have to renew my car insurance. Way back in the mists of time, I compiled this article about my experiences in getting car insurance soon after returning from the UK. At that time, the best quote that I received was from FBD. In the three years since that article, I’ve renewed with FBD, and it looks like I will be again this year.

As a result of that, I put together this check list which would be useful for readers when renewing their own insurance.

Now, renewing with the same company for 4 years in a row might seem to go against the first tip in that listing – Don’t automatically renew with the same insurance company.

However, by each year following tip number 2, Shop around, getting quotes from at least three different companies and brokers, I’ve been able to convince myself that each year FBD are giving me the best deal.

Doing my shopping around this time around, FBD are still the best price for the insurance cover and benefits that I’m looking for. Going direct to two other insurance companies online gave me quotes of 35% more and 2% more, while going through one of the sites that brings together many insurers (apparently) gave me a quote of 60% more for like with like cover.

FBD it is then, again for this year! Even after shopping around!

2 comments On Shopping around for car insurance – worth it, or not?

  • I assume the bb comment is misplaced….

    Re car insurance – your 2005 article confirms my experience EXCEPT that I discovered that, even within the EU, if you have no insurance record in a country for 6 months your whole record is deleted from their database. That means if you ever return to that country after more than 6 months, you dont exist…

  • Thanks Anonymous, the previous post was a broadband spam and has been removed.

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