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Will Ryanair screw up their system changes?

Working in the technology area, a few people I work with have commented today on Ryanairs plans to completely shut down their reservations system on the weekend of February 22 to 25. For a company with the normally predatory instincts for making a buck, for them to be completely shutting down their whole income-generating platform they must be making some mighty big system changes.

By all accounts, they’re making changes to implement UK Office of Fair Trading requirements (which I believe originated from the European Union) to include all fixed, non-optional costs in headline ticket prices.

Its interesting to see how it’s actually a UK regulatory body who are enforcing these requirements on the Irish airline – where were the National Consumer Agency? And remember, it’s the same UK regulatory body, Office of Fair Trading, headed up by Irishman John Fingleton.

The Ryanair site will be back up and available at 11pm on Monday night, February 25th. I wonder would it be worthwhile logging on then just in case the changes didn’t work properly. Any chance that “human error” or “systems issues” might cause free flights to become available (including taxes and charges from then on if they’ve made the correct changes required)? Then again, they’ll probably be offering free flights that night anyway to get the punters back.

It’s a long shot, but worth a look I suppose!

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  • is it my imagination or is the site – which ryanair are boasting is back up ‘ahead of schedule’ not working properly (taking ages, keeps hanging – have tried from two different connections)?

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