Check out the updated SayNoTo1890 website

Please have a look at the redesigned and updated SayNoTo1890 website. SayNoTo1890 aims to provide Irish consumers with geographical alternative telephone numbers to use instead of the 1890, 1850 and 0818 supplied by Irish Businesses. If you pay for a minutes package with your home or mobile phone contract, calls to these numbers can cost you money rather than coming from your minutes allocation.We have now combined the original website with the blog into this new presentation of the information. Many thanks to those who e-mailed us suggestions on how to structure the site, and also to all those who sent in number suggestions.

To the left now you’ll find a set of links to lists of Irish businesses and their geographical alternative phone numbers.

If you know of any alternatives, e-mail us – the contact details are on the right.


Click here for the Website.

Click here for the Website.

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