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ECC Dublin – Consumer query of the month

If you haven’t done so already, it’s worth subscribing to the ECC Dublin Consumer Monthly e-bulletin – do so here. Their Consumer Query of the Month is as follows:

I’m planning to travel to a European Championships match this summer. I’m hoping to be able to get a ticket -what should I look out for?
You should be extremely careful when purchasing tickets for any major event, especially if you decide to buy a ticket from a non-authorised agent, a course of action not recommended by the European Consumer Centre.

Applications for tickets for Euro 2008 via the official website closed in March 2007, but understandably, many consumers still wish to buy a ticket and are prepared to pay high prices to ‘ticket resellers’ in order to secure same.

While many ticket resellers offer a legitimate service, problems such as severe overcharging, lack of refunds, non-delivery of tickets and counterfeit tickets have been reported to the European Consumer Centre in recent years.

If you buy from a ticket reseller you risk being denied entry to the stadium so exercise extreme caution. Check the terms and conditions of the official UEFA site very carefully along with the terms and conditions of the ticket reseller’s site. Proceed very carefully, or you could very easily experience loss of money and disappointment.

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