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Hotel prices in Galway are most expensive in Ireland

This short article today confirms what I’d suspected even back in August last year. The text is as follows:

Galway is the most expensive city in Ireland for hotel rooms, a survey has found. The hotel price index (HPI) published by website hotels.com revealed that people visiting Galway last year paid an average of €137 for a night in a hotel, a 4 per cent rise on the previous year’s prices.

Such high prices are hardly helping the fact that upwards on one third of Irish hotels were unoccupied during 2007.

My blog post from August last year refers to the Days Hotel in Galway. Here’s an interesting comparison – 2 nights in Galway in March work to €117 per night. The same 2 nights in the Days Hotel in Time Square, New York, cost just €137. Bargain to me – only €20 a night extra to stay in the centre of the most exciting city in the world versus a roadside hotel on the Dublin Road in Galway.

2 comments On Hotel prices in Galway are most expensive in Ireland

  • The Ibis hotel in Galway used to be great value. Also the one in Cork. But then they both closed. I suspect they are the only hotels to go out of business for a reason other than land speculation in the past year.

  • There seems to be alot more value in Galway now and around the country since the economic turndown, they seem to be crying out for business espically the hotels that I am talking to!

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