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One third of hotel rooms empty in Ireland

The Irish Times today reported (sub required) that for 2007 one-third of all Irish hotel rooms were empty. According to the article@

Average hotel occupancy throughout Ireland last year was 64 per cent – on an average night one-third of hotel rooms were empty. Only the Dublin (72 per cent) and southwest (66 per cent) regions had average occupancy rates above the national average (see table below).

The article also went on:

DESPITE FLOURISHING domestic tourism, almost half the hotel rooms in the east coast and midlands region remained unoccupied in 2007.New figures from the Irish Hotels Federation reveal that hotels in this area had an average occupancy rate of just 54 per cent last year. The region covers counties Louth, Meath, Westmeath, Longford, north Offaly, Laois, Kildare and Wicklow.

So, for a certain section of the country, over half the hotel rooms were empty for the year 2007. Has anyone noticed any special offers, or consistent advertising to try to get people to use these empty rooms?

I suppose, with the benefit of the tax breaks that these hotel rooms would have received from the Government to be built in the first place, there’s an artificially high break-even point at which it doesn’t become worthwhile for these hotels to fill their rooms at all. Presumably otherwise these hotel proprietors would be trying harder to get our business.

2 comments On One third of hotel rooms empty in Ireland

  • It’s a real long term investment. The tax break at the moment is for Hotels. But in a few years there will be a tax break for retirement homes and most of these empty hotels will be converted to suit this purpose (some developers have even built “hotels” with hallways and elevators wide enough to cope with trollys and wheelchairs).

  • I visited mount juliet (http://www.mountjuliet.ie/) earlier this year and the hotel was surprisingly busy. Great Food too – but I suspect that with luxury hotels you probably get different trends of visitors. Not sure – but certainly noticed a drop when visiting Galway last week.

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