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Here’s a post I put on the SayNoTo1890 website recently which may be of interest to readers here. I used the 11850 directory enquiries service on my mobile on Wednesday to get a number for a hotel in Waterford.

I asked for the text back rather than asking to be put through directly (does anyone waste their money on this???). I received the text with my hotel name and number in it, but also some advertising was also included in the text which I’d never seen before.

And, as it turned out, the advertising on my text was for another Waterford hotel which just happened to be located very close to the one I was trying to contact.

Pretty interesting – you’d be very happy with this kind of advert placement if you were the hotel I wasn’t contacting. If you were the hotel I was calling, unknown to them, they’d be under serious pressure to be able to meet my requirements because I’d have a ready made alternative immediately in the same text.


Click here for the SayNoTo1890.com Website.
Click here for the SayNoTo1890.com Website.

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