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Dublin Bus Change Tickets

While I’m talking about Dublin Bus, here’s an amazing statistic here from Shane Hegarty – Present Tense. He doesn’t give a source for the stat, but here’s the gist of the comment:

€10 million: the amount of unclaimed change held by Dublin Bus. It’s collected some €13.3 million since 2001, with “about a quarter” reclaimed each year.

I’ve commented about this before – and particularly the fact that you must have the original ticket attached to the change receipt for it to be valid for a refund (though you might get away without it if you ask nicely).

There are a number of comments in response to the Present Tense post about giving the tickets to charity. In the end, what I did with mine was give them to the Dublin SPCA. Just post them to them – saves you the hassle of heading off O’Connell Street in the middle of the day.

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