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Labour Party announces investigates price difference between petrol and diesel

Last week, I blogged about an expensive diesel price I noticed in Wexford. Also noticeable in the picture was the fact that the diesel was 20c more expensive per litre than the petrol. In the past, we’ve always been used to diesel being cheaper than petrol, but not recently.

According to this press release from Liz McManus TD, Investigation into disparity between petrol and diesel costs, Labour are going to look into this on our behalf:

Today Deputy Liz McManus proposed and got the agreement of the Oireachtas Committee on Communications, Energy and Natural Resources to investigate the disparity that has arisen in relation to petrol and diesel costs.

“Diesel is now 20% higher in cost on the forecourt than petrol in many instances,” said Deputy McManus. “Yet we are being advised by the Government to choose environmentally more efficient options.

The press release goes on:

“Recent figures show that diesel costs have jumped 17.3% in a year. This is a worrying development for those who have purchased diesel cars in the hope to reduce their emissions.

However (and no offence to Conor Faughnan), their first step in their investigation is:

“The Oireachtas Committee is to write to Conor Faughnan of AA roadwatch to make a presentation as a first step to deal with this issue,” said Deputy McManus.

Shouldn’t investigations such as this be directed to the Competition Authority, or the National Consumer Agency, or The Regulator In Charge of Petrol and Diesel Prices? You can find out the AA take on this by going straight to their website – there, I’ve done their investigation for them!

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