Sunday Independent Letter – Another day, another rip-off

An interesting development in how our financial institutions are treating their customers. This is a letter from todays Sunday Independent:

Sir — One of our financial institutions promotes itself with a nod towards the American gangster culture. But even the wise guys of this culture would balk at a shakedown scheme undertaken by Ireland’s banking community.

The shakedown is based on the financial institutions charging a documentation fee for any application for financial lending services.

As a recent victim of this shakedown I was charged €75.00 for the privilege of applying for/taking out a motor loan.

Even though I was the one that supplied all relevant documentation and the processing of same would be a standard procedure within any organisation taking on new business.

Despite their relentless campaign to entice customers with special offers the customer still is paying over the odds for using the Irish banking system.

Charging a person to make a loan application is nothing less than extortion. One more example of Ireland’s rip off culture.

I wonder who this bank is – anyone have any idea?

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