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Taxi Drivers – Boo Hoo!!! Just do your job!!

According to the Irish Examiner today, “THE same number of taxis operate in Dublin as in New York — but with only a fraction of the population to support business.”

This is according to the taxi drivers themselves in Dublin in order to try to reduce their numbers in order to protect their livelihood by screwing us consumers by removing choice and competition.

If there are 1million people in Dublin with 12,001 taxis, and there are 8million people in New York with 12,019 taxis, then why the hell is it impossible to get a taxi in Dublin at 2 or 3am in the morning.

We’ve all had the “Dublin Taxi Nightmare” experience – there are some nights when it’d be quicker to fly to New York just to be able to get into a taxi – it’d be a damn sight quicker than trying to get a taxi home in Dublin on a Saturday night.

Message to Dublin taxi drivers:

  • because you don’t show up when you’re booked
  • because you drive past people waiting at legitimate places waiting for a taxi
  • because you pick and choose the ranks for fares that you think will make you the most money
  • because you rip off people by going the long way around whenever you think you can get away with it
  • and because you have ripped off 4 different recent visitors to Ireland working for my employer
… this is why you’re losing money and not getting any business. Your service sucks, and Dublin Bus can get me and my buddies home cheaper and quicker on a Friday and Saturday night – this is why you’re not getting any business.

15 comments On Taxi Drivers – Boo Hoo!!! Just do your job!!

  • But I see a flaw in your thinking. Wouldn’t you need a Dublin taxi to get out to the airport in order to get to New York? Good luck with that!

  • Trying to get home on a Saturday night? You mean in the early hours of Sunday morning, don’t you? Do try to get someone to explain the meaning of GMT to you.Along with thousands of other drunks, all coming out at the witching hour of “closing time”.

  • Who’s the GMT pedant? Maybe you meant 23:59.

  • I am the the GMT pedant.No problem getting a Taxi at 23.59 or 00.59 or at 2am. What the sap means is at 3am, just like lemmings jumping, he has been f,ucked outta the pub,night club,etc. and they have taken his money. Then the sap cries that he can’t get a taxi, along with thousands of other saps who want a taxi at the same time.Then the sap will sit in gridlock all week until the next weekend. Have you got the drift?

  • GMT pedant again. Wassa matter? Cat got your tounge? Here endeth the lesson!

  • Dear Mr.Anonymous Taxi-Driver aka GMT Pedant,

    You say sap, I say customer.

    I think you’ve just shown us the problem with taxi drivers.

  • Customer? What customer? This is what he said!
    “Dublin Bus can get me and my buddies home cheaper and quicker on a Friday and Saturday night”

  • One more thing for your ill informed posters.

    Dear Mr. O’Neill:

    Thank you for taking the time to share this experience with us,
    as described in your January 25, 2007 e-mail.

    As we at the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission met
    with a number of representatives from Dublin’s Legal Metrology Service
    just yesterday, I am aware of the deregulation issue your e-mail
    describes. That said, however, I am not personally aware of the issues
    and factors that led to this course of governmental action, and would
    very much like to hear more.

    In conclusion, please suffice it to say that we have no plans or
    intention of deregulating the taxicab industry in New York City, both
    for the reasons you enumerate, as well as the simple fact that it would
    be counterproductive to the provision of safety or service to the City
    of New York.


    Allan J. Fromberg
    Deputy Commissioner

  • Is this guy for real? He travels by bus and slags taxi drivers? Maybe he had to wait 10 minutes for a taxi? This is the gist of his post.

    “This is why you’re losing money and not getting any business. Dublin Bus can get me and my buddies home cheaper and quicker on a Friday and Saturday night – this is why you’re not getting any business.”

  • If you had 50,000 taxi’s in Dublin, there would still be people waiting for a cab when the night clubs close. If as you say fellow employee’s at your company have been ripped off. Did you report them, does your company not have an account with a taxi company ?. Taxi fares are regulated (no price competition), but you can choose the taxi you wish to hire.
    Taxi drivers will try to avoid drunks, could you look like the customer from hell when you exit the night club after 4 or 5 hours at the hard stuff ? could be the reason you cannot get a cab. Yes I drive a taxi !!!

  • To confirm, it was visitors to Ireland visiting my company who were ripped off, not employees. They were taken 4 different ways from the airport to their hotel (though all at the same time on different Sundays), and charged vastly different amounts of money – whether we have an account or not, there’s no excuse for that. Unless you’re saying that only customers who have accounts with a taxi company won’t be ripped off by drivers?

    The most telling aspect of the final trip was that the person was forewarned and realised they were being ripped off, but they got no satisfaction from the driver and they found no way to get information in the taxi to make a complaint – there were none of those Taxi Regulator leaflets or stickers in the taxi.

    Your comment about choosing which taxi to hire is ridiculous – to the consumers, a taxi is a taxi, and they should all be charging the same price. I can’t look at the first and second taxi in the rank and decide to use the third one because he looks honest and mightn’t rip me off.

  • VI, All your points are correct, the issue I raised about having an account would have at least allowed you to trace the taxi’s involved. I can assure you that most taxi drivers are honest and would never rip off a customer and I’m horrified to find that you have had so many bad experiences. But as a taxi driver I beg people that have such stories to report them either to the Taxi Regulator or the Guards, we can ill afford to have our collective names blackened by the scum who do this sort of thing.

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  • Funny how your opinion of services in your country can be clouded by you bias. I live in New York and got used to unfriendly drivers with no English and refuse to take you or worse moan about going on short trips. My experience in Dublin is of friendly drivers, and never waited longer than 15 minutes for a taxi. But if its worth anything everyone in every country bitches over their cabs

  • @David Nolan – I’m not sure where you’re seeing any “bias” on my part.
    I think if you ask many Irish taxi customers they’ll match your New York experiences with similar experiences in Dublin – as you say, taxi problems are similar in all countries.

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