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Ticket Text and TicketMaster: More Comparisons, almost!

To follow up on yesterdays post about not being able to directly compare prices between tickets bought on TicketText and those available on TicketMaster, I did try to find a more direct comparison.

So, I went looking to try to buy tickets for another gig (Dara O’Briain in the Hammersmith Apollo) which appear to be on sale on both sites. The only common date where tickets are on sale on both sites is May 16th – though there are 3 performances, the 12th, 16th and the 17th.

However, when you try to purchase tickets on either site, they can only be bought on Ticket Text, and not on TicketMaster – yet there’s no shortage of supply of tickets on Ticket Text. So again, no direct comparison available between the two sites.

For our illustration purposes here, you can buy similar tickets (and even including the feature to allow you print the tickets – so no delivery costs), at the same base cost (£19) on Ticketmaster for the Monday night.

So, on Ticket Text for the Friday night:

And on the TicketMaster site for the same gig, but on the Monday night:

So, in a more direct (yet not exact comparison), Ticket Text is €2.55 cheaper than TicketMaster. Ticket Text charges 12% above the base cost in charges, while TicketMaster charges 19%.

While that’s all fine and good, and nice to see with regards to the potential arrival of competition in the Irish ticket sales market – it’s not competition at all if you can’t buy exactly the same item in both locations and chose your ticket seller purely on price.

So, not such good news at all for Irish consumers when it comes to buying our tickets.

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