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Aer Lingus, Ryanair, and the royal shafting we’re getting from our airlines

Aer Lingus have today increased their baggage and check-in charges – a week after Ryanair did the same thing.

And again, their excuse is that everyone else is doing it, so why can’t we. Or more particularly, according to Enda Corneile in their press release linked above:

Today’s increase reflects the general pricing structure across the industry.

As I said the last time Aer Lingus mimicked Ryanair when increasing some charges or other:

How about not increasing charges because everyone else is, and therefore distinguishing yourself from the competition and maybe trying to attract customers in that way?

Then again, you’d nearly put up with this Aer Lingus stuff if it means avoiding what Ryanair did to some customers who were trying to get to Cardiff for the Heineken Cup in May.

As brought to our attention this morning by one of our readers, this letter was in the Irish Times this morning (subscription required):


Madam, – I read with interest the report of May 1st by Conor Pope on the exorbitant prices being charged by “low-cost” airlines to fly to Bristol and other nearby cities for the Heineken Cup rugby final.

On January 26th I booked two seats on Ryanair flight FR506 flying to Bristol at 6.50am on May 24 for a price, before taxes and charges, of €49.99. On March 27th I received a schedule change from Ryanair advising that this flight was now departing at 15.00 and that I could avail of a full refund. As this flight would not have arrived in Bristol in time for the start of the Heineken Cup match, I had no alternative but to accept the refund and rebook the flight with Aer Lingus from Birmingham.

Surprise, surprise, flight FR506 is now departing again at 6.50am with a seat price of €229.99. I would be very interested to hear Mr Peter Sherard’s explanation for this. – Yours, etc,

Sarah Curran Avenue,
Dublin 16.

Classic Ryanair. And the best thing – they’ve done absolutely nothing wrong. Sharp practice obviously, but not in contravention of any consumer type legislation.

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