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Check your outgoings – just to be sure

There was an interesting article on Saturday in The New York Times entitled Listen to Your Statement. The general gist of the article was that in these current days of economic uncertainty, we should all really be looking at our expenses and outgoings.

While much of the journalistic focus here in Ireland has been on those less well off, it would make sense for everyone to see where they stand financially given the recent turmoil. For those who are lucky enough, there will always have been some leeway with regards to earnings comfortably exceeding expenses.

However, it would be a very useful exercise to re-examine what that leeway is now with all the recent price rises – it could save being taken unawares further down the road.

There are some useful tips in that article mentioned above, and Value Ireland also has the “Spring Clean your Finances ” article which gives you a detailed listing of the things which you can check up on very easily.

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