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Do you know the proposed new speed limit on the widened M50?

We received this forwarded e-mail yesterday – a building campaign which we in Value Ireland strongly support.

—— Forwarded Message
From: Barbara Casserly
Date: Tue, 13 May 2008 11:32:41 +0100
RE: Speed limit on the M50

Dear friends and colleagues

As you may or may not know, the M50 motorway has now been designated with a 100km speed limit. I phoned the NRA this morning to confirm if this was going to be the speed limit while the works are completed, or if this was going to be the speed limit moving forward. They have confirmed to me this morning that moving forward the M50 will have a limit of 100km per hour.

I have included below the email I have sent this morning to the NRA’s CEO (Fred Barry – fbarry@nra.ie <mailto:fbarry@nra.ie> ) and the safety officer Harry Cullen (hcullen@nra.ie <mailto:hcullen@nra.ie> ) registering my complaint. This mail contains the reasons I was given by them for their decision, and my answers to those reasons.

The only logical reason I can think of for this decision is
because it will be a great place for the police to sit with their gatso guns to earn lots of extra money on speeding fines.

Sorry, I mean “saving lives”. Saving lives on statistically the safest roads.

So I have decided to start an email campaign. I can’t make them change their minds, but maybe lots of us can. Please please forward this on to everyone you know, and get them to mail the NRA today also. Join my campaign to have the 120km speed limit reinstated on the M50. Or if they won’t, then they shouldn’t be allowed charge a toll (personally I don’t think they should be allowed to charge this anyway!).

We now live in the nanniest of nanny states.


From: Barbara Casserly
To: fbarry@nra.ie; hcullen@nra.ie
Subject: Speed limit on the M50
Date: Mon, 12 May 2008 11:46:47 +0100

Dear Mr Barry and Mr Cullen

I am mailing you today to register my complaint at the new speed limit on the M50. It was with total astonishment at the weekend that I have discovered that after years of torment using the M50 – a motor way with a limit of 120km – you have now reduced the speed limit to 100km. This is the national speed limit, the speed limit of carriageways and all primary roads. I get to use these for free!

I have been provided the reasons for your decision and I address each of them below.

  1. To increase capacity – you are building an extra lane for this very reason – and in most cases between junctions, 2 additional lanes.
  2. To increase safety – statistically motorways are the safest roads anyway – so why reduce the speed down on a 3 lane motorway, yet maintain 100km speed limits on all the twisty narrow back roads of this country where the carnage is actually taking place.
  3. Because there are lots of junctions on it – eh hello, isn’t that the reason that from junction to junction there is a specific additional lane?
  4. Because of “weaving traffic” – traffic will weave whether there are 1, 2, 3 or 4 lanes involved. Ridiculous nonsense to name this as a reason, and it is my belief that reducing the speed to 100km will only result in increasing road rage, frustration, and people needing to spend more time looking at their speed dials then keeping an eye on the road.

You also wish to increase the cost of the toll for using the motorway, which in my opinion is now no better than a carriageway with the silly speed you have reduced it to. So I have only one conclusion on this issue.

Either you see sense and maintain the speed limit of 120km as is fitting for a 4 lane motorway, OR, you realize that charging people the use of a 4 lane carriageway is not acceptable and therefore stop charging the toll.


Barbara Casserly

1 comments On Do you know the proposed new speed limit on the widened M50?

  • I suspect this has less to do with making money for the Gardai and more to do with the NRA negotiations with private companies to come in and operate the proposed new speed camera network. Reducing the speed limit on the M50 and other motorways would be a major revenue spinner for any company operating the cameras.

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