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New Management Company Guide from Joan Burton TD

Joan Burton TD has launched on her website a new short brochure on residential property management companies. It’s brief, and provides some good information.

I’ve written about this many times in the past, so anything extra that can be added to help the essentially helpless residents impacted by such property management companies is to be applauded.

According to Ms.Burton, the National Consumer Agency are supposed to be producing proposals in a couple of weeks time. I wonder why one government agency would be making proposals about an area where there’s another government agency, the NPSRA – the National Property Services Regulatory Authority, is supposed to be taking over soon.

Smacks of more of the over regulation we of our daily lives, and the subsequent complete waste of money, that we’re suffering from under the current government.

Still, lets see what the National Consumer Agency comes up with, and how long it takes the National Property Services Regulatory Authority to undo it, and decide that a study or report is needed for them to come up with their own ideas.

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